How To Become A Certified Personal Trainer

Becoming a certified personal trainer is a lifelong goal for thousands of people.

Being able to understand the nuances of how a body functions and what can be done to personalize training regimens is something many people aspire to learn. This is why taking the time to recognize the value of proper credentials and how to obtain them becomes important.

Here’s more on how to become a certified personal trainer in the modern age of fitness.

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Role of a Personal Trainer

In general, a personal trainer is responsible for developing and implementing a detailed fitness training regimen to meet their client’s goal. This can include losing weight, improving athletic performance, getting stronger, or even maintaining their health. Personal trainers are equipped to personalize these training programs and will make sure all factors (age, weight, health issues) are taken into account before beginning.

This job requires the ability to assess variables such as skill level, goals, and needs before coming up with a robust plan.

Along with making sure this is done properly, the personal trainer has to be in tune with modern trends in personal training along with having a good understanding of nutrition.

Remember, personal trainers, are nationally certified professionals with years of advanced knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and human anatomy. These specialists have the ability to handle one-on-one and group sessions while offering tailor-made solutions to their clients. They also have the ability to assess their clients and put together a well-rounded regimen, which includes both fitness and nutritional behavior.

A certified personal trainer can be found anywhere whether it is a fitness center, gym, or even a corporation.

Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer

Step 1: High School Degree

Before learning how to become a certified personal trainer, it’s important to do the bare minimum for the application. Most national certification associations will have an underlying requirement stating applicants require a high school diploma (or something equivalent).

Please note, a post-secondary degree is beneficial but is not mandatory. Only a high school diploma is required.

Step 2: Finish AED/CPR Certification

All personal trainers are expected to earn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator certificates before getting started. This is done because certified personal trainers can end up in situations where their client faces a physical emergency while exercising.

These programs are designed to not only help offer immediate treatment but also understand potential warning signs before a medical emergency (i.e. cardiac issues, breathing troubles).

With this knowledge, the personal trainer is able to provide appropriate assistance in seconds.

Step 3: Find Your Desired Specialization

Before learning how to become a certified personal trainer visit to get a better understanding of the process and prepare apropriately, it’s also best to find your desired specialization firs.

Each personal trainer will have their own career path. For example, some may want to end up working with larger groups, while others will prefer the idea of fitness programming. Each career path is going to come with its own underlying certification program.

Select the program that is in line with your skill set, personal interests, and goals.

Step 4: Begin Prepping for the Examination

Now that you have selected a specific specialization in personal training, it’s time to work on prepping for the big examination. You will be able to go through various steps as listed out by the national association. Some may prefer going through exam prep courses while others are also going to include multi-session training classes.

Step 5: Complete the Certification Exam

Once you are adequately prepared, it’s time to register with the national association for your specific exam. This is going to require a detailed application and the resulting fee. Please remember, in the modern age most examinations are now computerized and will include a set of multiple-choice questions (usually over 100). These questions are also going to be split across different categories such as Exercise Techniques and Fitness Assessment.

Step 6: Apply for Jobs

After you have completed the test and passed, the certification is going to be yours.

This is when it is time to start looking at specific jobs in your chosen specialization. For some, this means heading over to local gyms and finding spots on their staff while others are going to want to work with larger corporations. Regardless of your goals, it is always best to work towards your goal by gaining experience and a better understanding of how the industry works.

This is an emerging market as more and more people take their fitness seriously, which means the demand is only going to rise with time.